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Lacrimas Profundere

"Hope Is Here"


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Release: 2016
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Lacrimas Profundere - Hope Is Here 2LP

Style: Gothic Rock. With their singular mix of melancholy and Gothic paired with rock and metal influences from each of the band members, they set a milestone in harder Goth rock since 2004, toured 29 countries (from Europe to Japan, Russia to China...) and sold more than 100’000 records.For the new album the band allowed themselves 3 years, and the final result reflects this! Indeed: with Hope is here the guys drag you out of your comfortable world, deep into a forest – to a boy named Aramis drifting through the dark trees, alone, forsaken, outcast, because he’s not like other people. That’s a summary of the concept – but there’s plenty more to come...
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1.The Worship Of Counting Down
2.My Halo Ground
3.Hope Is Here
5.A Million Miles
6.No Man's Land
8.You, My North
10.The Path Of Broken Homes
12.Black Moon
13.Aramis(Eisbrecher Neuschnitt)