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Release: 2012
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Lacrimosa - Revolution CD

Three years after the previous studioalbum followed by the 20th band-anniversary release 'Schattenspiel' and the tours that brought the band accross Europe, through Latin America over to China and Japan, Lacrimosa finished recordings on 'Revolution', their 11th studioalbum since 1991!

The album not only features a strong subject, it also comes with a prominent line-up! Next to choirs and orchestras the band recorded their album with Mille Petrozza singer, guitarist and mastermind of the trash-metal pioneers Kreator while on drums they worked with Stefan Schwarzmann drummer of the world-famous Accept! The revolution started already in the studio and you can be sure, that this 'Revolution' will put Lacrimosa again on top of the scene!
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Label:Hall Of Sermon
1.Irgendein Arsch Ist Immer Unterwegs
2.As The World Stood Still For A Day
4.This Is The Night
8.Weil Du Hilfe Brauchst
9.Rote Sinfonie