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L'ame Immortelle

"Fragmente (Fan Edition)"

Set · XL


Release: 2012
Status: Sold out
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L'ame Immortelle - Fragmente (Fan Edition) Set

For the die-hard fans! A set with the limited 2CD plus a wonderful t-shirt (100% cotton) of this leading Electro/Gothic band.

Infos about the album:The first weeks of the year 2012 were dominated by L'Ame Immortelle and their studio album 'Momente'. Their unhoped-for return into a scene they have been heavily influencing let the Gothic year 2012 begin more promising than was to be expected - with an honest snapshot ranging among the best material ever to be released by Thomas Rainer and Sonja Kraushofer.

Now, spring starts equally unexpected ...
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1.Absolution (Elektronisch)
2.Banish (Elektronisch)
3.Demon Be Gone (Elektronisch)
4.Empty (Elektronisch)
5.Wie Tränen Im Regen (Elektronisch)
6.No Goodbye (Akustisch)
7.The Heart (Akustisch)
8.Why Can't I Make You Feel (Akustisch)
9.Dort Draußen (Akustisch)
10.Hold Me (Akustisch)