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L'ame Immortelle

"Jenseits Der Schatten (Limited Edition)"



Release: 2008
Status: Sold out
L'ame Immortelle - Jenseits Der Schatten (Limited Edition) CD + DVD

After L'ame Immortelle proved with the brilliant concept album "Namenlos" and the February 2008 tour of the same name that they aren't yet dead (in fact quite the opposite), that they still pack plenty of energy and creativity and that old as well as new fans could be equally enthusiastic about them, there is now the live DVD/CD, "Jenseits der Schatten". Recorded on the "Namenlos" tour, the DVD resurrects once more the unique concept of music and theatrical elements. For 135 minutes in total, you can see how Sonja Kraushofer and Thomas Rainer, with their perfectly-attuned live band and the author/actor Thomas Sabottka translate the wildly acclaimed concept of the album to a live setting. No hit is missing from the band's long history: from "Bitterkeit" to "Life Will Never be the Same Again" to "Fünf Jahre", the entire range of the band is presented, whereby some songs are offered with surprising new arrangements. Here the electronica of the early days and the rather rockier gothic elements of the last album meet hammering industrial attacks and heart-rending synth harmonies. German poetry and raging English lyrics both complement and contrast with each other, as do the well-known voices of both artists. But that isn't the least of it. The DVD offers extensive bonus material which shows out-takes from the tour, such as how the band feel backstage and in addition, a documentary about their trip to Moscow and exclusive tracks from the opening of the tour in Vienna. Not only the home town of Sonja and Thomas, but above all the home of the Friedhof der Namenlosen (the "Cemetery of the Nameless", which provided the inspiration for the concept of "Namenlos"). Goosepimples are guaranteed when you experience this unique concert experience at home. In addition to the extensive DVD, there is also a perfect live recording of the concert on CD. "Jenseits der Schatten" is released as a 6-panelled digipak in DVD size with a lavish booklet full of live photos and in a slipcase finished with silver foil-blocking. A collectors' item which no L'ame Immortelle fan should be without. DVD Infos: FSK 12, 16:9, PAL, All Regions, Dolby Digital, 135 minutes
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1.Judgement [Live]
2.Fear [Live]
3.1000 Voices [Live]
4.Phönix [Live]
5.Stern [Live]
6.Tiefster Winter [Live]
7.Fallen Angel [Live]
8.Voiceless [Live]
9.Es Tut Mir Leid [Live]
10.Blutrot [Live]
11.Stumme Schreie [Live]
12.Requiem [Live]
13.Life Will Never Be The Same Again [Live]
14.Aus Den Ruinen [Live]
15.5 Jahre [Live]
16.Bitterkeit [Live]
17.Prolog [Live/Video]
18.Judgement [Live/Video]
19.Fear [Live/Video]
20.1000 Voices [Live/Video]
21.Phönix [Live/Video]
22.Der Letzte Große Witz I [Live/Video]
23.Stern [Live/Video]
24.Tiefster Winter [Live/Video]
25.Fallen Angel [Live/Video]
26.Der Letzte Große Witz II [Live/Video]
27.Voiceless [Live/Video]
28.Es Tut Mir Leid [Live/Video]
29.Blutrot [Live/Video]
30.Stumme Schreie [Live/Video]
31.Requiem [Live/Video]
32.Der Letzte Große Witz III [Live/Video]
33.Life Will Never Be The Same Again [Live/Video]
34.Aus Den Ruinen [Live/Video]
35.5 Jahre [Live/Video]
36.Bitterkeit [Live/Video]
37.Epilog [Live/Video]