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L'ame Immortelle

"Letztes Licht EP (Limited Edition)"



Release: January 2019
Status: Sold out
L'ame Immortelle - Letztes Licht EP (Limited Edition) CD

For more than 22 years now, L'ÂME IMMORTELLE have been enriching us with their deep, sensual cascades of sound, full of spellbinding emotional worlds, melancholy and consuming passion. No other band comes even remotely close to forging important topics such as death, parting and forgetting into such an aesthetic, artistic form as this Vienna duo has been doing since they very first got together.

Protagonists Sonja Kraushofer and Thomas ...
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1.Letztes Licht (Classic Version)
2.Letztes Licht (Album Version)
3.The Spell (Exclusive Track)
4.In Meinen Träumen (Exclusive Track)
5.Fear (Re-Recorded 2018)
6.Letztes Licht (Remix By Blue May Rose)
7.Judgement (Remix By Soman)
8.Fallen Angel (Cover By Collection D’Arnell-Andréa)
9.Demon Be Gone (Cover By Dunkelsucht Feat. Chelsey Schill)
10.Lake Of Tears (Cover By Equinox Divine)
11.Ich Gab Dir Alles (Remix By 18 Summers)