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"Melting Sun (Limited Edition)"



Release: 2014
Status: Sold out
Lantlôs - Melting Sun (Limited Edition) CD + DVD

With Lantlôs' fourth album "Melting Sun", many things change on different levels: After Neige's (Alcest) amical departure, Markus Siegenhort is solely responsible for the (by now only clean) vocals and has gathered a complete line-up for the very first time. These changes in personnel go along with a pleasant paradigm shift: Whereas in the past, the sound used to be chill and at times forbidding, "Melting Sun" paints warm, oneiric vistas in bright hues, where dream mingles with reality and all details merge into majestic entities of colour and shape. The album turns out to be a relaxed summer record between Post Metal and Dream Rock that, although it presents the gist of Lantlôs in a new musical form, remains characteristic, profoundly honest and - most of all - enthralling.
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1.Melting Sun I: Azure Chimes
2.Melting Sun Ii: Cherry Quartz
3.Melting Sun Iii: Aquamarine Towers
4.Melting Sun Iv: Jade Fields
5.Melting Sun V: Oneironaut
6.Melting Sun Vi: Golden Mind
7.Melting Sun Vii