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"Broken Hopes Of A Wasted Youth (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2012
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Larva - Broken Hopes Of A Wasted Youth (Limited Edition) 2CD

This edition includes as addition the remix EP "Broken".

Infos about the album:When childhood ends and adulthood begins. The end of the inocence. When your dreams become unattainable goals. When you are aware of the harsh reality around you. That is the moment captured and reflected in the Larva CD 'Broken Hopes of a wasted youth'.

A more intimate, which completely torn the inner beings of Inquest in every song. It's like diving into the tumultuous waters of despair and disappointment. The verge of tremendous precipice that separates the ignorant bliss of painful conscience. Thirteen songs that will make your insides convulse, and perceive sensations almost forgotten. A gut check of the darkest and forgotten corners of your own existence.

Are you ready to enjoy the pain?
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1.Destructive Device
2.You Are Alone
4.Broken Toy
5.Come With Me
6.Flores Negras
7.Palabras Vacias
8.Family Error
9.Death Is Coming To Take You Away
11.Todos Estamos Muertos Por Dentro
12.Reflections In A Mirror
13.Something To Hate
14.Eternal Sadness
17.Agachar La Cabeza
18.Hienas (Remix By KorpCounter)
19.Come With Me (Remix By Andro Dioxin)
20.Voces (Fallen Garden Mix By Graveyard Child Escape)
21.Come With Me (Pain Mix By Traumatize)
22.Voces (Remix By Electrovot)
23.Come With Me (Remix By My Beloved Death)
24.Hienas (Remix By Electrophobia)
25.Family Error (Remix By Vondage)
26.Destructive Device (Remix By Degeneracion Debraye)
27.Come With Me (The Opposite Body Club Remix)
28.You Are Alone (Touched By Stahlnebel & Black Selket)