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"Future Generation"


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Release: 2015
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Laserdance - Future Generation LP

Future Generation is the first and most successful album of the Dutch Italo disco / spacesynth project from producer Eric Van Fleet and Michiel van der Kuy. Laserdance incorporates soulful cosmogony, space and Jean - Michel Jarre, putting it on a Hi-NRG-rail a la Patrick Cowley and other pioneers of synthesizer dance music. The album was first published in Holland in 1987, where it was warmly received by the audience and sold nearly 150 thousand copies. Future Generation, often called the "bible of spacesynth ", significantly increasedinterest in music in this genre. Reissued on LP.
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1.Power Run
2.Humanoid Invasion
3.Space Dance
4.Goody's Return
5.Future Generation
6.Digital Dream
8.Laser Fear