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Leaether Strip

"Civil Disobedience"


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Release: 2008
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Leaether Strip - Civil Disobedience 2CD

In 1988, young angry Danish teenager Claus Larsen would ignite an electro/industrial firework that is still exploding high and loud - even 20 years later and across the whole world! The brutal Leaether Strip machine really knows no stop button and has again switched back to "attack mode" loaded with the double-CD "Civil Disobedience". A CD full of hate, venom and frustration, but also an album so true, so direct and so deep that it can be heard as a forceful call through a megaphone for revolution, action and reaction. Claus Larsen's rise to fame-cult status is 100% the fruit of his uncompromising artistic attitude, which has always brought him where his dark soul would carry him, without ever conceding ground to compromise or any trend. Album after album, Danish EBM legend Leaether Strip has constantly fueled the underground dancefloors and he will set the fire again in 2008 with monster power tracks like the instant hit "When Blood Runs Dark", the solid "Jagtvej 69", the punkish "Pissing On My Territory", "The Cradle of Death" or yet "Going Nowhere". Like he enjoys singing it, Claus Larsen also "wears black on the inside" and he this time jumps onto the street to fight the system and question the leadership.
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Label:Alfa Matrix
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1.Civil Disobedience
2.The Damaged People
3.When Blood Runs Dark
4.Bite Until You Taste Blood
5.Jagtvej 69
6.Going Nowhere
7.I Said I'm Sorry
8.Pissing On My Territory
9.It Hurts Doesn't It
10.One Day
11.The Devils Daughter
12.A Whore For Jesus
13.I Wear Black On The Inside
14.Machineries Of Joy
16.Soul Collector
17.Could Ya Did Ya
18.In The Arms Of A Demon
19.One More Reason
20.The Cradle Of Death
22.The Evil In Putin's Eyes