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Leaether Strip

"Yes I'm Limited Vol. 5"


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Release: 2009
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Leaether Strip - Yes I'm Limited Vol. 5 2CD

Leaether Strips "Yes I'm Limited" tradition continues and enters into its 5th chapter! Especially compiled for the band's hardcore fans who all contributed to make Claus Larsen's return on stage unforgettable in this year 2009, the Danish artist dedicates to them this diversified collection of some 27 exclusive rarities!

A splendid double-CD fan box on which Leaether Strip kicks off with 9 early 80's demo songs which were Claus Larsens first works ever! Add to this some special unreleased studio recordings of songs he has been playing live like "Kill afetish", "Eighty Eight (US mix)" or yet the killing new version of "Don't Tame Your Soul".

We also get special live ...
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Label:Alfa Matrix
Label's catalogue number:AM1144DCD
1.Compassion (Quan Yin Edit)
2.Love Me Or Die
3.The Bears Aren't Sleeping Tonight
4.The Battle Of Cologne
5.Its Who I Am
6.Almost Too Much
7.Eighty Eight (Us Mix)
8.Kill A Fetish
9.Don't Tame Your Soul (New Version)
10.Fluidity (Tribute To J.M.Jarre)
11.Der Heizer (Feat. Rummelsnuff)
12.Gothenburg Noir
13.Dreaming (First Version)
14.Do The Dance
15.Don't Leave Me
16.Dreaming (2nd Version)
18.Way Out In The Blue
19.You Don't Look The Same To Me (Instrumental)
20.Northern Boy
21.Never Trust Anyone At The Carnival
22.Genetic Fuckup (Die Krupps Remix)
23.Don't Tame Your Soul (Titans Remix)
24.Strap Me Down (Project Pitchfork Remix)
25.Don't Tame Your Soul (Autodafeh Remix)
26.We Are Dust (Netz Remix)
27.We Are Dust (Logic Eats Reality Remix)
28.Gotta Get Mad (Virgins O.R Pigeons)
29.Raise Your Fist (Acylum)
30.Violence (Studio-x Mix) (Implant Feat. Angelspit)
31.Compassion (Studio-x Mix) (Leaether Strip)
32.No Excuse (Psy'aviah)
33.Twilight World (Levitation Version) (Aiboforcen)
34.I Love My Chains (Voodoonight Version) (Krystal System)
35.Fxxk You I'm Drunk (Tamtrum)
36.A Part Of The Past (Radio Edit) (Essence Of Mind)
37.Pop Icon Puppets (Halo In Reverse)
38.Prey On You (I:scintilla)
39.Hybrid Moments (Alternate Version) (Helalyn Flowers)
40.Croatoan (Dunkelwerk)
41.Sterbelied (Schwarzblut)
42.1747 (Mesmer's Eyes)
43.Tales (Kant Kino)
44.Visceral Venom (Unter Null)