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Release: 2013
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Leandra - Isomorphine CD

Break-out within herself! LEANDRA has been very busy beside her solo-trail since her debut album “Metamorphine”: Due to a split she turned her back on her former band Jesus on Extasy. She impressed and joined Diary Of Dreams, followed by Apoptygma Berzerk and recently played together with the most successful German Acts of 2013 Die Priester and Santiano. Beside that LEANDRA made some guest performances with Die Kassierer and Frei.Wild. No wonder it took her five years to finish her next solo-longplay album.Was it an educational journey or was she only looking for some inspiration? “Of course I wanted to gain experience on stage and play together with different bands, but when it became dangerous and I felt that I fall apart I had to cut things off. It was after the long touring with Santiano that I realized I couldn’t be myself at this job any longer. Mostly because of dollar symbols in my eyes I went too far” – says the stage workaholic LEANDRA.After a mental breakdown and a burn-out hospital-stop LEANDRA was aware of the fact that she spent too much time with the ideas of other people. “The tour with Apoptygma Berzerk was the freest I have ever made in my life. I felt that I was able to present and perform this kind of music with all my heart and soul, even if it wasn't me who wrote it.Everything that followed after I practically compared with this tour. Through it I learned that I am allowed to unconditionally be myself and that I don't need to pretend.” Influences by Apoptygma Berzerk are unmistakable on Isomorphine, especially the track “Calling” - a duet with Stephan L. Groth.By entering the German-pop scene Leandra wanted to know her limitations, but a rebel yell got louder and louder in her. Therewith the foundation for "Isomorphine" was born - during sleepless nights at faceless tours in faceless hotel rooms it took shape.Because of the personality threatening environment she became one with herself.Leandra has grown up and no need to prove herself. "Usually I trash 40% of the material because it doesn't settle my claim -" LEANDRA points out "of course only the finest material can make it on the album. It took some time to work on the songs which have evolved from all those extreme situations. This is another reason why it took so long until the release could be settled. I let some advises through into the working process this time and I am very happy with the final result." "Isomorphine": Grown up and down to earth - with some pop elements but therefor honest.
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1.The Narcissist Song
3.Wake Up Call - Lestrange's Handmade Mix
4.Matter Of Time
6.Calling - Leandra Feat. Stephan L. Groth
7.I Know
8.I'm Over It - Leandra Feat. Dorian Deveraux
10.Wake Up Call
11.If You Follow
13.Divergent Mirrors Of Decay
14.Calling - Drp Remix - Leandra Feat. Felix Flaucher