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Leaves' Eyes

"The Last Viking (Ltd.Hardcover Artbook)"


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Release: October 2020
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Leaves' Eyes - The Last Viking (Ltd.Hardcover Artbook) 2CD + DVD

- high quality 30x30cm hardcover book- 60 pages artwork- exclusive cover- CD-Album "The Last Viking"- exclusive DVD "Viking Spirit" (region free, NTSC); feat. the original film documentary about the growing Viking re-enactment scene of which Fronter Alex and the band became part of long ago, PLUS Studio Making Of & Official Videoclips- Exclusive Soundtrack-Bonus-CD (Score of the "Viking Spirit"-DVD)- handsigned autograph-card- strictly limited to 1.066 units worldwide

Per annum 1066, the last ...
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Label:AFM Records
1.01 Death Of A King
2.02 Chain Of The Golden Horn
3.03 Dark Love Empress
4.04 Serpents And Dragons
5.05 Black Butterfly (Feat. Clémentine Delauney) *
6.06 War Of Kings
7.07 For Victory
8.08 Two Kings One Realm
9.09 Flames In The Sky
10.10 Serkland *
11.11 Varangians
12.12 Night Of The Ravens *
13.13 The Last Viking
14.14 Break Into The Sky Of Aeon
15.+ "the Last Viking" - Dvd (Region Free, Ntsc)
16.+ Soundtrack-Bonus-Cd