InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

Lebanon Hanover

"The World is Getting Colder (Rerelease)"


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Release: January 2018
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Lebanon Hanover - The World is Getting Colder (Rerelease) LP

Nothing less than a New Wave, Minimal, Darkwave masterpiece! This is the second European VINYL re-print of this seminal album, coming with different artwork to the original release of 2012. ‘Ice edition’ in cream/transparent Vinyl and incl. glossy b/w Poster and personalized code for digital download.
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1.A1 Die World
2.A2 Ice Cave
3.A3 No.1 Mafioso
4.A4 Sand
5.A5 Totally Tot
6.A6 Kunst
7.B1 Die World Ii
8.B2 –
9.B3 Cannibal
10.B4 Einhorn
11.B5 Sunderland