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Lebanon Hanover

"Why Not Just Be Solo (Rerelease)"


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Release: January 2018
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Lebanon Hanover - Why Not Just Be Solo (Rerelease) LP

Second re-print in completely different artwork of the project’s second album, still from 2002.

The LP comes with fully printed inner sleeve, featuring the lyrics to all of the songs + download code A review (excerpt) from '' “The aesthetics of cold is back. This is the second LP from Lebanon Hanover in less than a year. They did it again: Another impressive record, not a single dull song in this album. Everything here is high quality stuff. They are growing as artists and have consolidated their style, but at the same time; they came with a twist on this second album. This work was produced by Larissa and William and the result is something that you have to experience, something that you have to listen and feel!”
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1.A1 Saddest Smile
2.A2 A Very Good Life
3.A3 Albatross
4.A4 I’M A Reject
5.A5 Cadaverously Quaint
6.A6 Bring Your Own Wine
7.B1 Northern Lights
8.B2 No One Holds Hands
9.B3 Why Not Just Be Normal
10.B4 Somehow We’Ll Get Through This
11.B5 Avalanche