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Lederman - De Meyer

"Eleven Grinding Songs (Limited Edition)"


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Release: June 2018
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Lederman - De Meyer - Eleven Grinding Songs (Limited Edition) 2CD

LEDERMAN - DE MEYER is the amazing and unexpected artistic fusion of two prominent figures from the cult Belgian electronic music scene.

Talented and humble musician and producer, Jean-Marc Lederman, was not only a member of FAD GADGET and GENE LOVES JEZEBEL, but also founded the electro-pop project KID MONTANA and THE WEATHERMEN (known across the world with their interstellar hit "Poison"). He also composed lots of music for movies and video games under various pseudonyms and collaborated with a plethora of artists including Alain Bashung ao.

On the other side, author ...
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Label:Alfa Matrix
1.Atoms In Fury
2.Back To Nature
3.Flowers And Birds And Bees
4.I Wish We Could I Hope We Will
6.Not Really There
7.A Tribe Of My Own
8.Run Ahriman Run
9.Dots, Circles And Lines
10.Tout Me Fait Rire
11.The Revenant
12.Hell Needs You
13.A Tribe Of My Own (Sebastian Komor Remix)
14.Back To Nature (Peter Rainman Vs. Jml Remix)
15.I Wish We Could I Hope We Will (Instrumental)
16.A Cold Report
17.A Tribe Of My Own (Precocious Mouse Vs. Jml Remix)
18.State Of The Nation
19.The Old King
20.Dots, Circles And Lines (Instrumental)
21.A Tribe Of My Own (J. Wolf Remix)
22.The Revenant Ii