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Leger Des Heils



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Release: December 2022
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Leger Des Heils - Sonnenflammen CD

March 2018: The first lyrics and harmonies emerge... Our most elaborate album so far has been created in the course of the past 4 years - an album full of magically atmospheric songs, hymns of pleasure and pain. Influenced by the visions of William Blake, supported by the charismatic singer De La Morte and guitarist Andreas Arndt (Sonnentau, Fire + Ice, Barditus), it contains songs about liaisons with the darkest powers, the loneliness in most painful hours, the longing for love and light - the Flames of the Sun!

December 2022: "Sonnenflammen" will be released as a lavishly designed digipak (with golden hot foil print, incl. booklet).

Neofolk anthems alternating with ambient moments merged into one fiery brew ... "Devotion" and "Lied der Flamme" have been partially re-orchestrated and completely re-arranged
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2.Kingdom’S Gone
3.Chariot Of Fire
4.Lied Der Flamme ( New Version )
6.My Dark Love
7.Devotion ( New Version )
8.Scarlet Flower Seeds
10.Solis Occasum