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"False Dawn"


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Release: 2013
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Legion - False Dawn 2CD

20 years on, this dusty classic has gained a well deserved reissue. The new mastering was prepared by Łukasz Miernik (responsible for his excellent work on “From Earth to Sirius” compilation containing a track by S.E.T.I. – another Andrew Lagowski side-project) and the cover was redesigned by Maciej Mehring (who has done most of Zoharum’s cover designs).

It has been expanded to include 7 rare/unreleased bonus tracks and has been adorned with an additional part entitled “False Dawn Revisited”. The latter contains remixes of the three original tracks by Geomatic, Zenial and Maciek Szymczuk. These two additional sections give you a different perspective on “False Dawn” and LEGION’s ambient stylistics. Here it is… False Dawn… to be discovered… again.
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