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"Nordiska Hymner (Limited Red Clear vinyl)"

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Release: April 2017
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Leidungr - Nordiska Hymner (Limited Red Clear vinyl) LP + CD

Luxury LP edition comes as a 180g heavy weight vinyl and is limited to 300 copies.

This edition includes also the CD and an exclusive poster.

100 copies come in clear red

and 200 copies in black vinyl.

It is time again for LEIDUNGR’s new album "Nordiska Hymner" (Swedish for Nordic Hymns).

The trinity of H. Möller known from Arditi & Puissance, Belfagor from Ofermod & Nefandus and P. Ståhl created their next opus of ritual martial-industrial till dark ambient following their highly acclaimed debut album.

The lyrical concept of "Nordiska Hymner" is a philosophical presentation of ancient myths and spirituality of northern Europe.

LEIDUNGR represent the few but ...
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Label:Trutzburg Thule
4.Nordisk Hymn
5.Andliga Ideal
6.Bruten Tro
7.Till Äran