InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

Leon Lowman

"Recordings 80-82"



Release: 2015
Status: Sold out
Leon Lowman - Recordings 80-82 2LP

Multi-talented, autodidact musician and devoted painter Leon Lowman became interested in synthesizers when he heard ELP’s Lucky Man in 1970. At that time Leon was working for various recording studios and sound companies in California and with his first paycheck he took a down-payment for the ARP 2600-Sythesizer (as well as a Mediamix Joystick for pitch bending) which he still uses until today. Ever since he used whatever money he could spare towards music gear to develope and reflect his unique melodic wanderings and his beautiful mellow and cosmic classic chilling club-lounge, almost easy listening and low-fi-surf-beach-synth-sounds.

Leon has written much of ...
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Label:Vinyl On Demand
1.A1 Listen 2:21
2.A2 Tears Behind The Smile 3:09
3.A3 Fluorencent Funk 3:00
4.A4 Friends 5:52
5.A5 Liquid Diamonds 2:38
6.A6 Eclipse 2:59
7.A7 Andrea 2:58
8.A8 Open 2:56
9.B1: Easy Express 4:55
10.B2: Ya Voy 2:47
12.B3: Ping 2:54
13.B4: Lonely Stranger 2:54
14.B5: Walking In The Shadows 2:54
15.B6: The Want 3:03
16.B7: Forest Of Fear 2:49
17.B8: Arch (Ii) 5:08
18.A1 Bumpin' On Sunset 7:14
19.A2 Beautiful Stranger 2:20
20.A3 Feather 5:39
21.A4 In The Wake Of Capt. Nemo 3:52
22.A5 Morning Song 3:10
23.A6 I'll Always Remember 4:25
24.B1 The First Safari 2:13
25.B2 Silent Traveler 2:54
26.B3 Dune Walk 5:57
27.B4 Once Is Not Enough 2:44
28.B5 The Second Safari 2:10
29.B6 Afterthoughts 3:22
30.B7 Run A Little Faster 1:55
31.B8 What You Waiting For? 1:25
32.B9 Honey Pie 2:22