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Les Berrtas



Release: 2016
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Les Berrtas - Knochenschäler CD

„Der Knochenschäfer geht um…“ one of the true german shouts which made the floors burn back in the 90s! German band „Les Berrtas“ also known as „G. Why Kai" & "Micha Chainsaw“ did manage to give new impulses to the electro scene with their self released cassette „Prolog“ and a limited 7“ release called „Die Würmer“. No wonder german cult indie label „Hypnobeat“ (also known for acts such as Project Pitchfork, Evils Toy, Digital Factor, Love Like Blood or Trial) did sign them to release the E.P. „Metamorphosis“ and the rare album „Nekropolis“. Legendary live performances made them even more popular. „Knochenschäler“ is the title of Infacted Recordings part 36 of the famous classics collection which pays tribute to „Les Berrtas“. The band has searched for some true rarities which we present to you in digital remastered format for best audio performance! A true must have not only for old school fanatics!
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1.Der Knochenschäler
2.Gott Der Lügen
3.Die Letzten Tage
4.Gesang Eines Engels
5.Die Würmer
6.Es War Sommer
8.Die Letzten Tage (Prolog Version)
9.Der Knochenschäler (Prolog Version)
10.Die Würmer (7-Inch)
11.Der Knochenschäler (Instrumental
12.Die Würmer (Instrumental Remix)
13.Könige Der Nacht
15.Der Knochenschäler (Live 1993)