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Release: 2019
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Lhasa - Acetabularia LP

Lhasa is the brainchild of Alain Raes from Siegen, Germany. As a teenager he was inspired by Tubeway Army's “Are Friends Electric” and Art Of Noise’s “Beatbox”. In 1985 he began collecting analog equipment (Prophet-5; Oberheim OB-X; Linn LM-1) as digital synthesizers had started to become more popular. In 1986, New Beat was born in Belgium. Dancers tapped into the darker side of synth pop, and DJs would play 45 rpm records at 33 with the pitch control set to +8. Alain was playing in New Wave bands and had started production work and synth programming for other acts.

In 1988 he self-released the ...
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Label:Dark Entries
3.Into The Desert
4.Gather Like Dust
6.The Call