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"Reflections & Refractions"


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Release: 2004
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Libitina - Reflections & Refractions CD

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Label:Libation Records
1.Valediction (Terrorfakt Remix)
2.Dirt I Cannot Wash (Calm In A Piranha Remix)
3.Mea Culpa (Libitina Vs. Inertia Penitent Remix)
4.Dreams No More (Censorius Mix)
5.Farewell My Love (Wet Dream Remix)
6.Colours Revealed (Inertia Remix)
7.All That I Have Ever Lost (Kitchen Mix)
8.A Higher Unity (Swarf Remix)
9.Mutual Faith (Belief Mix)
10.Painted Whiter Than White (Spiro Agnew Mix)
11.Shibboleth (Footstamper Remix)
12.Diomedean Exchange (K-Nitrate Remix)
13.Fragility Of Self (The Eyes Have It Mix)
14.Dirt I Cannot Wash (Maculosus Mix)