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Release: 2019-12-20
Status: New release in 4 days
Liebknecht - Produkt CD

Limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies.

LIEBKNECHT is a new project by Daniel Myer, one of the most famous and significant musicians on the modern underground electro scene, the founder of HAUJOBB, ARCHITECT, DSTR, RENDERED and a member of the current line-up of COVENANT.

LIEBKNECHT is techno, dancefloor elements mixed with dark textures, cryptic messages, eclectic experimental sounds and straight forward beats, always on the edge between oldschool electro and club culture. Daniel Myer's project LIEBKNECHT combines his many aliases into a well composed vision of techno soundscapes. Taking his background from many other’s music-projects & influences from the current clubscene, he created an epic journey that is distinctly his own. Rinaldo Bite provides his uncompromising analogue touch in form of sequences and sounds. LIEBKNECHT is tour support of legendary NITZER EBB - European Tour 2019.
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5.Ice Over Erfurt
7.Saint Pete
8.Hamburg (E-Corp Version)
10.I Am Freak
11.Animalism Remix 2.0 (Original Version By Cervello Elettronico)
12.Ursuppe Remix (Original Version By Architect)
13.Wild In Blue (With Kristoffer Grip – Album Edit)