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Lights Of Euphoria

"Altered Voices"



Release: 2020
Status: Sold out
Lights Of Euphoria - Altered Voices CD

Four years ago „Lights Of Euphoria" released their last full studio album “Traumatized”. Now they are proud to present “Altered Voices” featuring 13 brand new tracks on Infaceted Recordings. Lights of Euphoria is an electronic/synthpop/EBM project by Torben Schmidt from Germany, Jimmy Machon and Thomas Gaarn from denmark. The group was originally intended as a single song project where Claus Larsen aka Leæther Strip provided the vocals for the song “Subjection”. Shortly after, Jimmy Machon from Denmark became the permanent singer, even though the band continued to collaborate with other musicians and singers. Among the collaborators we find Ronan Harris from “VNV Nation”, Vasi Vallis from “NamNamBulu” and “Frozen Plasma”, Dennis Ostermann from “In Strict Confidence”, E-Craft, Soman, and Endanger just to name a few. They have performed everywhere from Mexico, Canada and all around Europe for the last 26 years, with great visuals and a great energetic, dynamic and positive show. “Altered Voices” is an album with a mature and clever sound, it is more cinematic and slow that what the band usually is known for. This time the band pulled a great deal of inspiration from artist such as Recoil, Nick Cave and Depeche Mode from their time of “Songs of Faith and Devotion” but it is also a revisit to the older album “Voices” and a continuation of Traumatized. On this release Uwe Kanka from Armageddon Dildos did a duet with Jimmy on the Floorfiller “Stronger”, the last song on the album.
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2.Twisted Belonging
3.Deadliest Trap
4.Rage Inside
5.Foreign Ground
6.Strangers Heart
7.Fade To Black
8.Dark Secrets
9.Shadow Of Your Ghost
10.Shallow Faces
12.Saviour (The Second Coming)
13.Stronger (Feat. Uwe Kanka)