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Lights Of Euphoria

"Suicidal (Limited Edition)"


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Release: October 2022
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Lights Of Euphoria - Suicidal (Limited Edition) CD

2022 is the year for „Lights Of Euphoria“! The danish/German project by Jimmy Machon, Thomas Gaarn & Torben Schmidt did release a digital single each month starting from may „Access Denied“, „Collapsed“, „Man And Machine“, „Puppeteer“ and „Here Comes The Rain“ before October and November will see the release of two limited mini albums under. The flag of „Suicidal“ and „Angels“. Collactors be aware that both physical releases will be strictly limited and won’t be repressed! As usual the musical spectrum of „Lights Of Euphoria“ lasts from Electro to Synthpop or future pop with staying fully electronic!
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1.The Sound Of Thunder
2.Access Denied
3.Man And Machine
6.Suicide Angel