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"Subhuman Principle (Limited Edition)"


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Release: August 2019
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Linekraft - Subhuman Principle (Limited Edition) LP

LE322 numbered with two card inserts.outstanding new Linekraft release, establishing the bands status of being the spearhead of the current industrial power electronic movement from japan. Absolute must!Back in 1975,Democratic Kampuchea proved that conducting politics meant killing the people.Controlling the people is to kill their bodies and spirits.Democratic Kampuchea, this armed organization consisted of some idealists and many who did not understand what "revolutionay" was and existed between 1975 and 1979.Human beings are animals.They can't form a perfect social group.Music presented here is a soundtrack for "subhumans" who starts to act by oneself.
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2.No Loss In Weeding Out
4.We Will Burn The Old Gras
5.Non Human
6.Death Is The Surrender
7.Stand Alone