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"Ange Et Gruikk"


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Release: 2009
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Lingouf - Ange Et Gruikk CD

Lingouf's second album on Ant-Zen illustrates a further exploration into this artist's very special aural and visual thinking. To him, music and the corresponding artwork are allegories of a general emotion - moments of happiness brought by love, but importantly happiness overlaid with the knowledge ofsadness, melancholy and loss. "Ange" (Angel) and "Gruikk" (Lingoufs onomatopoeia for distorted mind/thoughts) can be seen as ensigns for this symbiotic emotion.

On this release's six tracks, Lingouf allows each composition to blossom and transform. From the megrim of 'le carnaval des animaux' (influenced by the programme music cycle of the same name composed by Camille Saint Saens in 1886), the drifty bass pulses/beat shuffles on "Ange Et Gruikk" and "Garage", thestraight and partly distorted floor burners "Vifoogy" and "St-Geniez" and lastly the broken beats and rich melodic layers of "Dorpramepasu". "Ange Et Gruikk" abducts the listener into a very unique cosmos of deep spheres, sounds, emotional atmospheres and hypnotizing sonic playfulness. An audiolicious melange of ambient, technoid and industrial music.
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1.Le Carnaval Des Animaux
2.Ange Et Gruikk