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Liquid Newt & Frank M. Spinath

"Walk With Scars"


Release: 2016
Status: Ready to be shipped in 7-10 days
Liquid Newt & Frank M. Spinath - Walk With Scars MCD

Although Liquid Newt has been active for quite a while, the project by Didier Salvatore is a well-kept secret. Didier probably is most known to some people as keyboard player for Diskonnekted. He also co-wrote some Diskonnekted songs, for example the much appreciated emotional roller-coaster ‘Yesteryears’. As a solo artist, he’s been brooding on his own electronic compositions, refining his studio skills throughout the years. Somewhere along the way he got in touch with Frank M. Spinath who ended up singing on one of his most precious demos. The voice of Frank and his beautifully written tragedy was a perfect match for the melodic Liquid Newt sound, that can be best described as a fresh and danceable variation of Seabound or Iris, to name but two inspirations. This first release is an exciting start of a great adventure.
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1.Walk With Scars
2.Walk With Scars (Remix)
3.Walk With Scars (Diskonnekted Remix)
4.Walk With Scars (Demo)