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Lisa Hammer



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Release: 2009
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Lisa Hammer - Dakini CD

Dakini takes the celestial voice of filmmaker Lisa Hammer and layers it with drones, ragas, tribal drums and folk music to create a roller coaster of emotions: a cultural and spiritual mix of Indian, medieval and modern ambience. "Dakini" is a revelation for the fans of Lisa's previous work as vocalist for Mors Syphilitica & Requiem in White. A departure from tradition, an enlightened development in her musical path. Lisa writes, "The intention behind this cd was to create music for ritual, meditation and sex. Ideally, all 3 at once. It was designed to carry the listener away from the manifest world and into a deeper space. The medieval songs are matched with Indian ragas and tribal drums, Appalachian folk music, Middle-Eastern drones and opera to bring the four directions together, North South East and West. It's a cultural and spiritual mix, all blending together in one CD. Each of the songs has its own meditational/trance-inducing quality, regardless of its origin.

Dakini is the result of ...
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1.In Taberna Quando Sumus
2.Kyrie Orbis Factor
4.Ave Nobilis
8.Be Not Afraid
9.Chant No. 5
10.The Valley Of Unrest
11.Electric Tamboura
12.The Muses
15.The Saddest Day Of All