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"Mask Rewind"

LP + Single/7"


Release: 2009
Status: Sold out
Lisfrank - Mask Rewind LP + Single/7

Lisfrank was an obscure one-man project from Savona area, Italy, active from 1980 onwards but not releasing much music ever since apart from a few tracks via the own Mask Productions label in 1982 and 1983. The first and only Lisfrank stand-alone release was the 12"EP "Man Mask" (1982), definitely one of the best and rarest early 80's minimal electro 12s ever and on top of most want lists ever since, including the super hit "It's Life", as well as "Violence in my Mind". "Man without Limits" appeared on the label's equally rare and sought-after vinyl LP sampler "First Relation" (1983).

Another very experimental track called ...
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InfraRot item number:2005.655
Label:Anna Logue Records
Label's catalogue number:ANNA 026
1.Dirty Air
2.Violence In My Mind
3.It's Life
4.Man Without Limits
5.Out Of Control (1980)
6.Beat Obscure
7.In The Surface
8.Distant Eyes
10.Out Of Control (2009)
11.Stay With Me
12.My Toy