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Liv Kristine

"Enter My Religion"


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Release: August 2022
Status: New release in 0 days
Liv Kristine - Enter My Religion 2CD

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1.Over The Moon
2.Fake A Smile
3.All The Time In The World
4.My Revelation
5.Coming Home
6.Trapped In Your Labyrinth
7.Blue Emptiness
8.You Are The Night
9.Enter My Religion
10.Streets Of Philadelphia
11.You Take Me Higher
12.For A Moment
13.Over The Moon
14.Trapped In Your Labyrinth
15.You Are The Night
16.Streets Of Philadelphia
17.You Take Me Higher
18.Stjernenacht (Unreleased)
19.Woman In Me
20.One Thought Closer (Unreleased)