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Lizard Pool

"She Took The Colours"


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Release: December 2018
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Lizard Pool - She Took The Colours CD

The Leipzig band, which was founded in 2012, will use their musical leverage where post-punk and indie-pop once had a common crossing. With Rainy Indie Music, who afford a hint of autumnal melancholy, they characterize their melodic and stirring songs, which have the potential to become a companion for long, awake nights. LIZARD POOL are a classic three-man band that released their debut album "She Took The Colours" in April 2014.
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1.1 Give Me Your Anger 4:49
2.2 Movie House (Your Song) 4:21
3.3 A Gloomy Day 3:58
4.4 Am Anfang 4:01
5.5 Faceless King 4:35
6.6 Traum & Schlösser4:05
7.7 Trugbilder & Wahn 3:57
8.8 Nacht In Scherben 4:22
9.9 I Will Not Dance 5:52