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"Polygon Heart"


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Release: 2021-06-18
Status: New release in 43 days
Llumen - Polygon Heart CD

While we were all wondering where the great Belgian electro act LLUMEN was hiding the last few years, mastermind Pieter Coussement was actually going through a serious health crisis… Constantly struggling against the deep emotional turmoil of progressively recovering his health, the artist realised abruptly that life could be finite. It opened an introspective catharsis leading to him eventually rediscovering himself, growing new roots and finally being able to move forward again.

LLUMEN’s new album “Polygon Heart” ...
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Label:Alfa Matrix
1.All Things Broken
3.The Dark In Her Eyes
4.Polygon Heart
5.Did I Let You Go
6.Like My Pain
7.My Heart Inside Your Hands
8.The Path That Leads Me Home
9.Desert Land
10.The Scars I Made