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"Prelude - Ten Seconds Before Sunrise"


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Release: 2013
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Löwenritter - Prelude - Ten Seconds Before Sunrise CD

Löwenritter is the exciting and deeply emontional ambient / avant-garde project of the musicians Harald Löwy (CHANDEEN) and Dirk Ritter (DARK ORANGE, 24 HOURS) Dawn, the first light of the day, two figures in the fog that is above the ground, a short breeze, the mist of tears, a look into the distance. These images descripe the idea of ​​ Löwenritter, when they began to experiment together: Swinging piano compositions and unspeakably gentle and epic guitar sounds that are lost each other, cheer and crash again. Löwy and Ritter indulge, leave a dark side to the surface and create something, what vampires just can not quite. Floating sounds and fantasiesto slip away, but never getting too dark without ligh
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1.Scapes In G-Minor
2.Ballad For A Vampire
3.Pearls Of A Rosary
4.The Green Mist
6.The Shadow Line
7.A Sleeper In The Storm
8.Stir Against The Sunset