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Logical Tears

"Japanese Lovers"


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Release: 2015
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Logical Tears - Japanese Lovers CD

Style: Dream Pop / Cold Wave – New Wave

Logical Tears is a new, highly recommended and talented French band. Trace, Noctule. h, Veren. K, Thom and Zeta Jane (as lyrics writer) created in 2012 what can be placed at the crossroads of Cold Wave, Dark Wave and Dream Pop. They play a music where industrial beats, synthetic keyboards and the heavy bass of the New Wave are highlighted by powerful guitars and melodic vocals. Full of passion, their sound can either be tainted by a cold melancholy or burn in a flaming energy. You will find a combination of all these influences perfectly under control in the eight tracks of JapaneseLovers, their debut release
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Label:Manic Depression
1.Logical Opening
2.Japanese Lovers
4.Facing Deafness
6.Permanent Tears
7.Last Song To Venus
8.End Of Tears