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London After Midnight

"Oddities (2008 Version)"



Release: 1998
Status: Sold out
London After Midnight - Oddities (2008 Version) CD

‘Oddities’ was the first contemporanous release by Apocalyptic Vision and Metropolis (1998)and was intended to close the gap to the long announced and always declared as ‘imminent’,third album. It should take another 9 years though, to see album No.3 released!!! Oddities is a collection of exclusives, rare, remixes and live-tracks and this edition from 2008, Is again quite different to the original version of 1998. The European editions are deleted for years.
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1.The Christmas Song
2.Let Me Break You
3.Shatter (Live)
4.Your Best Nightmare (Live)
5.Claire's Horror (Live)
6.Atmosphere (Live)
7.A Letter To God (Live)
8.Sacrifice (Live)
11.Spider And The Fly (Tangled Web Mix)
12.Sally's Song