InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

London After Midnight

"Selected Scenes From The End Of The World (2008 version)"



Release: 2003
Status: Sold out
London After Midnight - Selected Scenes From The End Of The World (2008 version) CD

The debut album by the legendary American gothic rock/darkwave band from California, founded ca. 1990 and centered around the charismatic singer Sean Brennan. Originally a Tape-release by Apcalyptic Vision/Trisol in 1995 – to immediate and gigantic success! Metropolis licensed the album in a first edition in 1998 and this re-mastered version, that also includes two 2003 remixes, was released in 2008. All European editions are deleted for years!
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Label's catalogue number:TRI 162