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Lord Of The Lost

"Antagony -10th Anniversary (Limited Edition)"

2CD + 2LP + MC + BAG

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Release: September 2022
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Lord Of The Lost - Antagony -10th Anniversary (Limited Edition) 2CD + 2LP + MC + BAG

The album is released as a limited DigiCD with an exclusive folding booklet, as a transparent double vinyl in gatefold and there is also the strictly limited bundle. This includes the double vinyl, the DigiCD and the music cassette, which is only available here. The whole set is packed in a high-quality, printed canvas bag.
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Label:Out Of Line
1.Preludium  About Love, Death & The Devil
2.We Are The Lost
3.Sex On Legs
4.Fragmenting Facade
7.Love Is Not Enough
9.From The Cradle To The Grave
10.Undead Or Alive
11.Son Of The Dawn
13.Seven Days Of Anavrin
15.Reprise  Sober
17.Bad Romance
18.Love Is Not Enough (Piano Version)
19.We Are The Lost (Instrumental Version)
20.Sex On Legs (Instrumental Version)
21.Prison (Instrumental Version)
22.Epiphany (Instrumental Version)
23.Love Is Not Enough (Instrumental Version)
24.Antagony (Instrumental Version)
25.Undead Or Alive (Instrumental Version)