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Lord Of The Lost

"Empyrean (DigiPak)"


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Release: 2016
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Lord Of The Lost - Empyrean (DigiPak) 2CD

With “Empyrean”, Lord Of The Lost have created a dystopian Future-Metal-concept album of epic proportions. The new release takes the listener on a captivating science-fiction-odyssey, driven by a furious mix of Gothic Metal, Glam, Electro, Prog and Industrial.

After centuries of gradual self-destruction, ...
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Label:Out Of Line
1.Miss Machine
2.Drag Me To Hell
3.The Love Of God
4.Raining Stars
5.In Silence
6.Black Oxide (Feat. Scarlet Dorn)
7.Interstellar Wars
8.Doomsday Disco
9.Death Penalty
10.No Gods, No War
11.The Interplay Of Life And Death
13.Where Is All The Love
15.Lament For The Condemned
16.Now We Are The Aliens
17.Lost In Oblivion
18.Traveller's Wounds
19.Wishing On A Scar