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Lord Of The Lost

"Fears (10th Anniversary Edition)"


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Release: 2020-11-13
Status: New release in 19 days
Lord Of The Lost - Fears (10th Anniversary Edition) 2LP

10 years ago, an album came to release that started one of the most impressive and constant careers in Dark Metal - „Fears“ by Lord Of The Lost. What started as an offhand idea of frontman and band founder Chris Harms developed to a full band with this debut and layed the headstone for a unique work of art. For the 10th anniversary this classic returns remastered and with additional tracks.

Things started small for Lord ...
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Label:Out Of Line
1.A1 Last Words
2.A2 Break Your Heart
3.A3 Dry The Rain
4.B1 My Deepest Fear
5.B2 The Measure Of All Things
6.B3 Till Death Us Do Part
7.C1 Prologue
8.C2 Never Forgive
9.C3 To Die For
10.C4 Vicious Circle
11.D1 Not From This World
12.D2 Nothing Words Can Say
13.D3 Sooner Or Later