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Lord Of The Lost

"Judas (Media Book)"


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Release: 2021-07-02
Status: New release in 57 days
Lord Of The Lost - Judas (Media Book) 2CD

"German genrefluid visionaries LORD OF THE LOST return with their seventh studio album, JUDAS (out July 2nd, 2021 via Napalm Records). With this sophisticated offering, conceptualized as a double record from the very beginning, the five-piece are cementing their position as exceptional artists that can’t be pigeonholed once more and have undeniably reached the next level with their most innovative and mature record to date. Not only the sound is massive, but LORD OF THE LOSTimpressively deliver JUDAS physically as well: The album will be available as a 2-CD mediabook, 2-CD sleevepack, 2 x 2 LP gatefold recycled vinyl, double music cassette as well as digital version. JUDAS sets off with atmospheric “Priest”, which immediately unveils a leitmotif that runs through the whole record and serves as a uniting symbiosis for the double album, divided in two conceptual parts, Damnation and Salvation, with 24 songs in total. Followed by “For They Know Not What They Do”, it’s clear right from the beginning that all the songs can be experienced the most organic and vivid way: A genuine, unique choir is accompanying singer Chris Harms, whose multi-dimensional voice delivers the haunting lyrics straight into the listener’s mind more strongly than ever. Songs like “Your Star Has Led You Astray” or “Born With a Broken Heart” easily manage to keep the balance between harsh vocals, the distorted sound of fuzz guitars and an overall dark atmosphere that LORD OF THE LOST is known for, whilst “Death Is Just a Kiss Away”, “My Constellation” and closing “Work of Salvation”, for example, put grand piano tunes, authentic strings as well as the sound of a massive organ recorded in a church in the most suitable focus. As the overall topic, LORD OF THE LOST detail the perception of the character of Judas Iscariot, known as highly diverse, and the so-called Gospel of Judas, a paper that's said to consist of conversations between Jesus Christ and Judas Iscariot and casts a different light on religious history as it's told in the Bible's New Testament. JUDAS marks the successor of chart-breaking Thornstar (2018, #6 GER) and again breathes the innovative spirit of five musicians who are far away from setting boundaries to their very own and unique art. LORD OF THE LOST has never been that type of creative force that’s pinned to any specific genre and has succeeded in surprising fans and critics with their nonconformism repeatedly over the years. With their new album JUDAS, LORD OF THE LOST not only manage to thematically blur the lines between good and evil and put the so called “salvific treason” into a harmonious soundscape unlike ever heard before, they also demonstrate that they have matured both musically and lyrically - truly an opus magnum! "
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Label:Napalm Rec.
2.For They Know Not What They Do
3.Your Star Has Led You Astray
4.Born With A Broken Heart
5.The 13Th
6.In The Field Of Blood
7.2000 Years A Pyre
8.Death Is Just A Kiss Away
9.The Heart Is A Traitor
11.Be Still And Know
12.The Death Of All Colours
13.The Gospel Of Judas
14.Viva Vendetta
16.The Heartbeat Of The Devil
17.And It Was Night
18.My Constellation
19.The Ashes Of Flowers
21.A War Within
22.A World Where We Belong
24.Work Of Salvation