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Lord Of The Lost

"Till Death Us Do Part - Best Of"


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Release: 2019
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Lord Of The Lost - Till Death Us Do Part - Best Of CD

There are bands that put their mark on time, that are more than a few buddies with instruments. They succeed to create a total work of art that survives our fast-living consume madness and leave something of value. Doubtlessly Lord Of The Lost are one of those bands – too deep are the traces that their music left on the hearts of the listener.

Hamburg has always been a ...
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Label:Out Of Line
1.Till Death Us Do Part (2019)
4.Black Halo
5.Drag Me To Hell
6.In Silence
7.Raining Stars
8.Full Metal Whore
9.Dry The Rain (2014)
10.La Bomba
11.Six Feet Underground
12.Fists Up In The Air
13.Beyond Beautiful
14.Die Tomorrow
15.Blood For Blood
16.See You Soon
17.Sex On Legs
19.Break Your Heart