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Lords Of Acid

"Expand your Head"


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Release: 2021
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Lords Of Acid - Expand your Head CD

‘Expland your Head’ by the EBM/New Beat legends from Belgium was originally released in 1999 on Antler-Subway. The album features some timeless CLASSICS by the Sex-obsessed Belgian-American post-industrial/techno band founded in Antwerp in 1988. Including their very first single 'I sit on Acid' (1988), 'Rough Se*' (1991) and countless other single successes and memorable album tracks from their 'early' years 1988-1998. Remixed by befriended artists such as KMFDM, Richie Hawtin, Joey Beltram, Rob Swift, Luca van Acker and many more. The album also features a number of exclusive, non-remix tracks. Sorry for the many ‘*’ in here – spam-filters react very aggressive with Lords of Acid titles
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1.Am I Se*y?
2.Lover ("cake" Mix By Kmfdm]
3.Rough Se* ("the All Night Grinder" Mix By Critter)
4.Crablouse ("super Scratcher With A Golden Shower Rainbow" Mix By Luc Van Acker)
5.As I Am
6.Who Do You Think You Are?
7.I Sit On Acid ("mickey Blotter" Mix By “Big Boy” Carl S. Johansen)
8.Pu*sy ("pu*symphony" Ii Mix By Chris Vrenna/tweaker)
9.Let's Get High ("reach Out And Touch The Sky" Mix By Rob Swift)
10.Spank My Booty ("paddles And Whipped Cream" Mix By Tipsy)
11.Rubber Doll "pucker Up Sweetie And Blow Me Up Gently" Mix By Jamie Myerson)
12.Marijuana In Your Brain ("dope Smokin" Mix By Robbie Hardkiss)
13.Rough Se* ("whip" Mix By Joey Beltram)
14.I Sit On Acid ("satan On The 'cibes" Mix By God Lives Underwater)
15.Rubber Doll ("do You Mind If We Dance Wif Yo Dates?" Mix By Frankie Bones)
16.I Must Increase My Bust ("detroit Hardcore" Mix By Richie Hawtin)
17.Lady Marmalade