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Lords Of Acid

"Smoking Hot"


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Release: 2016
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Lords Of Acid - Smoking Hot CD

PRAGA KHAN, mastermind behind legendary Belgian techno-acid-sleaze machine LORDS OF ACID has compiled ‘Smoking Hot’, his hand picked choices of the hottest songs EVER in the LORDS OF ACID catalog.Belgian-American post-industrial/techno band founded in Antwerp in 1988. Lords Of Acid worked with various additional writers and musicians throughout the years. Maurice Engelen (aka PRAGA KHAN), Nikkie Van Lierop and Oliver Adams were the main artists, with many changing contributors throughout the years. When Nikkie left the group, she was replaced by vocalist Ruth McArdle, and later by Deborah Ostrega and Mea Fisher (since 2011).
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1.Voodoo U [Voodoo-U, Antler Subway 1994]
2.Rover Take Over [Farstucker, Never Records 2001]
3.Sole Sucker [Deep Chills, Dpulse 2012]
4.She And Mr. Jones [Voodoo-U, Antler Subway 1994]
5.Lover [Out Little Secret, Antler Subway 1997]
6.Most Wonderful Girl [Lust, Complete Kaos 1991]
7.Hot Magma [Deep Chills, Dpulse 2012]
8.Fingerlicking Good [Out Little Secret Antler Subway 1997]
9.Sexbomb [Farstucker, Never Records 2001]
10.Drowning In Ecstasy [Deep Chills, Dpulse 2012]
11.Stripper [Farstucker, Never Records 2001]