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Los Humillados

"El Canto Agonicoi De Las Estatuas"


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Release: 2008
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The Mythical, legendary Spanish Gothic band Los Humillados return to the world with an unexpected album. Active since 1985, the band returns to the burden with an excellent album that features 16 all new, unreleased tracks. After 9 albums several works shared with other bands, and after many collaborations with international acts, the cult band Los Humillados finally break a six years lasting silence to present this incredibly mature and solid album - who's title means "The song of the dying statues". The most prominent exponent of the Spanish dark scene is back with a very elaborate sound, a meticulous production and a unmistakable, particularely bleak and unique style. The album by this pioneering avantgarde Gothic group is released by "Grabaciones Góticas" (Gothic Recordings) and offers dense atmospheres, more modern and almost experimental sounds for eternal funerals... The semi-hidden sound effects, orchestral choirs, whispers from the graves and the pace of military marches, give this album a bleak atmosphere, a mosaic sensation of impossible love dreams, mysterious hidden stories, melancholy and shocking lyrics. "The dying song of the statues" is a beautiful chest full of small sound jewels - the gentle strings, the slow rhythms, the sad moods are hard to describe - you've got to hear this album. From the classic gothic rock song "Inhabitant of nowhere" or the sad "The spirit of the Siren" and "Tears' to the phenomenal" 'Maybe someone could improve the silence' this album features a wide spectrum of Gothic atmospheres far beyond clichés or beaten paths. An album that we highly recommend to fans of Joy Division, The Cure, Death in June or Dead Can Dance without forgetting Eyeless in Gaza.
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