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"Trephanus Uhr"


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Release: 2013
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Luftwaffe - Trephanus Uhr CD

This Re-release comes in a digipak with reworked artwork and is limited to 300 copies.

Infos about the album:Speaking of Neofolk classics LUFTWAFFE’s „Trephanus Uhr“ album definetely has to be among them. Originally released in 2004 on the bands own label this album established the band as one of the leading acts of the second generation of the neofolk genre.

The album features collaborations with Douglas Pearce (Death in June), Richard Leviathan (Ostara) and Boyd Rice. „Trephanus Uhr“ is the perfect combination of pure Neofolk and harsh martial and electronic noises that lay the fundament to the legendary status the US-band reached over the years. Out of print and sold out for a long time the re-release comes in two versions.
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Label's catalogue number:LK014
1.1 Constance
2.2 The 36 Faces Of Adam Qadmon
3.3 Solipsistica Nihilisti
4.4 Flicker
5.5 A Terror Campaign Without Higher Authority
6.6 Patterns Of Force
7.7 Kronostory
8.8 The Dead Do Not Revolt
9.9 Correcting The Human Model
10.Ascension Of Indignation
11.Nebuchadnezzar Division
12.The 10Th Avatar
13.The Non Man
14.The Oness
17.Kalki's Army