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Lux Anodyca

"Soul Meshes"


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Release: 2012
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Lux Anodyca - Soul Meshes CD

Debut release by this new Italian project arround Kirlian Camera. Lux Anodyca was set up in 2006 by Redux and his wife Claudia Morel. Redux is a member of Kirlian Camera since 2007, you might have discovered Lux Anodyca on the excellent Box-edition of 'Odyssey Europa' by Kirlian Camera.

And of course the master is inspiring the follower: Lux Anodyca sometimes sounds pretty Kirlian Camera-like but at the other hand, they for sure explore wider fields, also diving into the realms of experimental music, gothic ballads, folk and minimal electronics. A very open-minded way of composing. Think of a mix between Kirlian Camera and David E. Williams... Like a Noir movie soundtrack and songs interpreted by drunken singers.
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InfraRot item number:2010.723
Label:Old Europa Café
Label's catalogue number:OECD148
1.Games At Rhodary
2.Mary On The Floor
3.Angel's Bolero
5.Fix Fax Fox
6.Coroner's Sun
8.Hostel Of Sould
9.Dark Passenger
10.Mister Redman