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"Tripping back into the broken Days"


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Release: 2018
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Lycia - Tripping back into the broken Days CD

Lycia – leader Mike VanPortfleet on his so far last album on Projekt [2002]:

“Tripping back…” is our purest release. All the trappings have been stripped away, and it’s just like it was when I started writing music back in the early ‘80s: acoustic guitar and vocals, with me trying to express and escape.” After a two and a half year retirement from the music industry, Lycia returned in 2002 with this stark and stripped to the bare bones album! Sparse instrumentation flows with simple and raw, heartfelt songs. The feel of earthy lushness and deep atmospheres prevails. A sad and reflective slice of Americana - Mike and Tara VanPortfleet revived Lycia to record this set of deeply personal songs. Stripping back the wall of effects-laden guitars and glacial atmospheres that are Lycia’s trademark, the album moves forwards with a style Mike describes as “a treated acoustic/ambient hybrid.” A CLASSIC!
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Asleep In The River
The Last Winter
Pale Blue Prevails
ItŽs Okay To Be Small
Halfway Between Here And There
Gray December Desert Day
Give Up The Ghost
Fades Down Far
Cat & Dog
Broken Days
Blue Heron
Vacant Winter Day