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Release: 2012
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Lyriel - Leverage CD

Lyriel's musical repertoire ranges from dreamy ballads, a pinch of medieval tunes, to more rocky songs with elements of classical and Celtic folk. Distinct, related musical genres merge and become a new, particular style in Lyriel's music. Lyriel distinguish themselves from other bands especially through playing the violin and the cello live on stage, instead of using keyboard-generated strings. The band can play its entire repertoire either as a heavier rock set, or a folky acoustic set, which further highlights the musicians' versatility. Front woman Jessica Thierjung impresses with a diverse use of her voice, whose sound can take any form between powerful and mellow.
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Label's catalogue number:afm374-2
1.When It's Coming To An Ed...
4.Voices In My Head
5.The Road Not Taken
6.White Lily
7.Aus Der Tiefe
8.Wenn Die Engel Fallen (Feat. Thomas Lindner/Schandmaul)
9.Side By Side