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"Hope And Veneration"


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Release: 2010
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Lyronian - Hope And Veneration MCD

Limited edition in digipak and including bonus-videoclip for the track 'The Place above', from their debut (double-) album 'Side Scan'! This special priced MCD at album length also features exclusive remixes by Haujobb, The Eternal Afflict and Distain.

Almost one year after their extremely well received debut-album, Lyronian presents this extra-long 11 tracks EP, featuring not only all new songs, but also some remixes by well known artists of the genre. New songs like ,Close to You' or ,Längst Vergangenheit' are true hymns with high hit potential and re-confirm the project's faible for catchy refrains and melodies and a kind of driving electro, that is much more than, just' brilliant, fresh and modern electropop!
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InfraRot item number:2007.011
Label:Deep Symmetry
Label's catalogue number:DS1002
1.Close To You
2.Längst Vergangenheit
3.Dogma Dominate
4.Murderer (Alpha)
5.Murderer (Beta)
6.Hope And Veneration
7.Längst Vergangenheit (Haujobb Remix)
8.Close To You (The Eternal Afflict Remix)
9.Dogma Dominate (!Distain Remix)
10.Close To You (Radio Version)
11.The Place Above [Video]